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Narayan has the ability to harness the magical power & purity of mystical mother nature

for a sacred healing beauty experience in every beauty blend
love your self like 
no one is watching!
come to the beauty altar
sunday ojai farmers market
blossoming beauty
triple treat
there is a door way into the sublime sacred space of the heart where mother nature and father sky commune, let me take you there...narayan 
Sacred Healing Sessions with Narayan
holistic integrative healing
crystal sacred heart healing
I have never recieved complements on my skin till I started using Narayans magical beauty blends ...her blends are more than just natural and organic you can feel Narayan's heart felt alchemy in every handcrafted batch...Kim ..LA
I have a passion for healing  
I have a passion for organic holistic beauty 

I have a passion to help women find the magic of who they really are.

I have a passion to share my wisdom 
I have a passion for all women to be self sustainable in mind, body, spirit & financially

when women are deeply committed to being self sustainable they will no longer sell them self short.

they will no longer sacrifice there well being for the love of any one. 

they will be one with source in mind body & spirit. 

this is true freedom ....narayan 
come be a part of the change !